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New Move in Southeast Asia - CJ Indonesia Warehouse Comes into Service

Create Date: 2020-08-04 09:03:03

CJ's new warehouse in Indonesia has come into service, you can buy from the warehouse or send your private inventory there to have a faster processing and delivery time. It's the second warehouse we set in Southeast Asia, a big move after CJ launched the Thailand warehouse in 2019.


In this year, CJ has launched 3 warehouses, one in Frankfurt Germany, one in Jinhua, China, and the third one in Jakarta, Indonesia. Till July 2020, CJ has launched 8 warehouses over the world, including 2 warehouses in the US. Many dropshippers are asking about when we will launch a UK warehouse. The UK is a big market for dropshipping, we are planning on it, as well as our France warehouse, and doing research on choosing which city to set up our warehouse.


Why CJ sets warehouses around the world?

CJ Dropshipping is an integrated platform for dropshippers, from product sourcing, order processing, and parcel delivery, we provide a one-stop service. Order fulfillment is an important part of dropshipping business, a warehouse plays a very important role in this part. Because we process orders in our warehouse, apart from stocking an inventory for hot-selling products, we can do quality checking before sending out, and we can pack products in one parcel when needed to save your shipping fees and improve your customers' satisfaction. This is a video of our tour to Jinhua warehouse, you can see how we process orders in this video.


There are more advantages to set local warehouses. Take CJ US warehouses for example, we send products to CJ US warehouses in advance, so the orders placed to the US warehouses will be processed and sent out from the US warehouses, so the processing and delivery could be much faster. What's more important, when your customers tracking the packages, they will see the parcels sent out from the US, not China. This is a great advantage over other competitors because some customers prefer products that come from domestic places.


Can I buy products from the CJ US warehouse and have them delivered to Canada?

For now, only China warehouses fulfill worldwide, the US warehouses only fulfill within the US, the Thailand warehouse fulfills within Thailand, and so do the Indonesia warehouse. But the Germany warehouse is an exception, it can fulfill European Union countries.

How about the delivery time?

If delivered from our overseas warehouse, usually, the delivery time is 2-3 days. But the USA is under special circumstances nowadays, there could be some delays, it takes 2-7 days there.  

Can I buy a private inventory to CJ overseas warehouses? If yes, how?

You can buy a private inventory to CJ overseas warehouses. Here are the steps, add the product you want to buy to the cart from the product page, please note that, select shipping from China warehouse, or you will fail to add the product to cart, it is because only China warehouse support bulky buy. And when checking out, choose to keep the items in CJ overseas warehouse, then the items you buy will be sent to the warehouse you choose as your private inventory. The MOQ to use overseas warehouses is 100 pcs, and at least 10 pcs of each variant.


And if your products are bought from other suppliers, you are also welcomed to stock your products in CJ warehouses and use our order fulfillment service, you can contact your private agent for further details.