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Order Logs Available! Get All Your Orders’ Status in Hand

Create Date: 2020-08-06 12:24:24

CJ is always willing to hear from you and work with your problems. You have many ways to tell us your problems, like tickets, emails, your agents, or Facebook group.

From recent messages,  we often heared order problems like:

"Where is my order?" "Why does it take so long to process?" "Why my orders are not shipped yet?"

For better understanding of how CJ processes your orders, we added a feature for you to check the status of each order. With that feature, you can clearly know if we have prepared and stocked the products, or if we have shipped it out.

The following are steps for how to check order logs.

1. Log in your account;

2. Go to My CJ>Dropshipping Center>Processing/Processed and choose the order you want to check.

3. Click "Operation>Order Logs", the status for each product will show.

We would like to introduce the meaning of each status to you.

1. Purchased: The request for your product is received by CJ Suppliers.

2. Stocked: Your product is stocked and is being labeled in the warehouse.

3. OOS: Your product is out of stock and we will refund you to your wallet or payment account.

4. Picked: Your product has been picked up and is being inspected.

5. Inspected: Your product has been effectively inspected

6. Shipped: Your products are dispatched and en route.