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How to Connect your Products Well with CJ’s?

Create Date: 2020-09-16 07:27:20

To make your customer understand the product variants better and easy to purchase from your store, in some situations, you can't just import the product shown on other suppliers' websites.

Here're some reasons: 

a. The variants in other websites are not so clear

b. The variants are not the same as yours in your store; 

c. The size of the products is smaller than the size of your target customers' need;

d. The variants are suitable for both men and women, but yours are not; 

e. One variant in CJ is suitable for two variants in your store.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly that variants should be given more attention to product connection.

It might be difficult to ask the suppliers to change it as you required, also it might take a longer time than you do it by yourself. Here comes a feature of CJ you may ignore before or didn't know about, which allows you to connect one same variant in CJ to your store twice or more by yourself. Let's have a look.

As promotion activity increased, it is becoming more and more important to connect products well with CJ in many situations for dropshippers, such as connect 2 variants in your store with CJ's one variant, connect the random variant in your store to CJ's one variant.


Take this pair of slippers as an example, SKU: CJBHNSNS00449. 

It shows Chinese size in CJ's app, one variant contains two different sizes, such as CJBHNSNS00449-Black-38 39. It contains two sizes, and suitable for size 38 and 39. 

However, there are specific sizes in your store; you have two variants size 38 and size 39.  

Variants in your store: Black/38, Black/39

The variant in CJ: CJBHNSNS00449-Black-38 39

The question is: how to connect the variants so that the product is well connected and the order will be synced correctly?

The answer is: connect the variant in your store to CJ one by one.

a. Go to Products > Connection > Add Automatic Connection

b. Sync the store > Search the products in your store > Click "Search image" > Pin the product when the product shows up > Click Connect;

c. Select your store's variant Black/38 on the left part, and click the CJ's variant CJBHNSNS00449-Black-38 39 on the right part. Tick "Yes" and choose the shipping method and this variant is connected with the correct one.

Let's repeat the same steps just like above, but this time choose your store's variant Black/39

d. You can check the connection on the Products > Connection.

It also applies to connect a random variant in your store to CJ's specific variant. But random one is connected with a specific one in CJ. It looks random in your store but actually not.

Note: The variants you have connected will not show up again on the connection page. So you won't see Black/38 ( connected already) when connecting the Black/39.

It is important to understand the variants and rules behind the product connection so that we can develop more practical features to help our clients grow their dropshipping business. 

Just try it!