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7 Highly Profitable Products Recommendation / Picked from Top100 (Ranked by Revenue) Best Sellers on CJ Dropshipping

Create Date: 2020-06-17 03:06:10

3 Weeks ago, I posted a blog of top100 best sellers on CJ Dropshipping and shared 6 hot niches according to the top-sellers’ list. The ranking was sorted by the number of orders, which means the # 1 had the most orders, and the #100 had the least. On this blog, I will share the top 100 best sellers on CJ Dropshipping ranked by revenue, if you sell these items, you don’t have to have many orders, but you can make more money from each order. So the 7 products I am going to share are all highly profitable items that you can make at least $15 for each item.

The table above is the top 100 Best Sellers on CJ Dropshipping from May 11th to June 10th, the ranking is sorted by revenue. This list is quite different from the previous list sorted by the nymber of orders, most of the items are products with a higher value which you can sell at a higher price, arbitrage for a higher margin.

And did you get a very important message from the list? Masks and other personal protective equipment for COVID-19 care are no longer on the list, while personal protective equipment has been among the top sellers for months.

What led to the change?

Do people no longer need masks?

Masks and other personal protective equipment are still in great demand, but as the pandemic is under control in China, people in low-risk areas are taking off masks, in Hangzhou City, the city we are located now, more than half of the citizens have taken of masks, the demand for masks decrease in China, so Chinese enterprises can export more mask in bulk to meet the demand. Meanwhile, many countries have achieved self-sufficiency in masks as many industries transferred to produce masks. Therefore, people can easily buy masks from local markets or Amazon at a low price, so the demand for dropshipping decreased sharply. If you are planning to dropship personal protective equipment from now, I would like to advise you to think twice before setting about, there are more trending products for you to make a profit on.

#1 Cervical Massager

The first product is this cervical massager, it ranks #4 on the list, and another similar item ranks #99. This cervical massager is a new emerging winning product, it is rechargeable, so it is portable and light, much more convenient to use than old styles. People used to use massage devices at home, but this new design massager can also be used in the office, whether you are on a break or working on the computer. This item is an appeal to office workers, so make sure your ads show to this specific group.

#2 Jogger pants

I seldom recommend apparel except shapewear, because not everyone can market on apparel well, best sellers on store 1 may get 0 sales on store 2. But this kind of jogger pants made success in many stores, we can see this kind of pants rank #9, #29, #44, #54 and #66, they are all of a similar design, so these jogger pants are undoubtedly popular indicator this season. The total dropshipping price for this item is $19, you can sell at $50 to $70, a very decent margin.

#3 3-In-1 Wireless Charger

This kind of multi-function wireless charger became popular in 2019, and is the trend for the future. It is so convenient, you can charge smartphone, smartwatch and air pods at the same time, and get rid of messy cables. It covers the top 2 best-sellers models in the world, Apple and Samsung galaxy, and two colors for option.

#4 Sofa Cover

Sofa covers sold like hot cakes in 2019, it is surprised to see the sales still going up in 2020. Sofa covers rank #22, #56, and #74 on the list, and chair cover ranks #94 is of the same niche. As people stay home more than ever because of the quarantine, the sales of home improvement products got an increase, that’s why these sofa covers got a good performance.

#5 Mosquito Repellent Band

As the weather gets warmer, the sales of mosquito repellent products are growing. There are 3 mosquito repellent products on the top 100 list, rank #33, #46, #85. This mosquito repellent band is a wonderful gift for kids, friends, and family members in summer. It is not only welcomed in the southeast, but also sells well in North America and Japan. You can choose the right target market location to place your ads to save your budget.  

#6 Pet Backpack

Pet products are an “evergreen” niche for dropshipping. There are 8 pet products on the top 100 list, really impressive. But 7 of them have long been a best-seller, only the pet backpack newly shows on the list. 4 Sizes with 4 color options, the target consumers could be cat raisers to golden retriever raisers.

#7 Hair Shaver

The last product I would like to recommend is a must-have item for every family during the quarantine-it’s a hair shaver. As barber shops closing due to the COVID-19, people find nowhere to have their hair cut. This hair shaver just hit the pain point. It’s quite easy to use, you can make a hair cut for your papa, your son and yourself. And it is not a “disposable” item, it comes in handy anytime, not only for the current special circumstance.