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925 Silver Jewelry Is A New Trendy Category For Dropshipping

Create Date: 2019-08-30 07:56:11

925 silver jewelry is a new trendy category for dropshipping. Cheap accessories are no longer an option. 925 silver jewelry is used in every type of jewelry imaginable to create looks that can be both timeless and trendy. And it is versatile, sophisticated and timeless. Modern jewelry designers are also flocking to this noble metal because it's the perfect combination of malleability, beauty, and durability. The article will introduce the advantages to dropship 925 silver jewelry specifically.

There Are Many Options And Support For Customization

It's easy for jewelers to mold and experiment with because silver is a relatively soft metal. And 925 silver is an affordable and workable metal as well as popular with designers. This means there are constantly new designs up for offer. And the wide range of styles and designs in 925 silver jewelry means that you're sure to find some styles to dropship and give your customers so many options.

What’s more, it also supports customization. You can express your exact specifications of 925 silver that you want to dropship, and it will be designed and made. Thus, customers will have more options. Customers can also design them to create a piece of jewelry as they like without breaking their budget which can make them more likely to place an order. For example, a customer may want a necklace stamped or engraved with her children's initials and you can dropship customized 925 silver jewelry and satisfy her demand.

It Is Durable For Customer

925 silver jewelry can last a lifetime if it is taken care of correctly. It can look exactly the same even after forty years. True 925 silver jewelry is not cheap. The extra cost is more than worth it for the quality and lifetime value of the jewelry. Following are how 925 silver's durability works with four of the most common types of jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

  • Necklaces: In necklaces, sterling silver provides a strong material that will not scratch or dent easily. Light enough to wear all day but durable enough to resist wear and tear.
  • Earrings: 925 silver earrings are beautiful, elegant and tough enough to resist bending.
  • Bracelets: the durability of 925 silver makes for tough bracelets that will resist bending and scratches.
  • Rings: 925 silver rings are strong and lightweight, and they'll hold their shape even when worn all day.

In addition, although it looks dirty or discolored after sitting in a jewelry box for just a bit too long, there are easy ways to restore its original shine. Most craft stores or hardware stores carry a varnish that will work with 925 silver. Cleaning the jewelry with varnish and a fresh cloth will get the silver sparkling. And if customers often wear them, they don't have to worry about that dirty look because wearing them can actually help prevent tarnish. Wearing silver jewelry often is the best way to keep it looking bright and sparkling.

It Is High-quality With Hypoallergenic

A nickel allergy can result in frustrating symptoms, such as irritated and itchy skin and scabbing. Other inexpensive metals like brass can also cause an allergic skin reaction, causing redness, swelling, and blisters. Unlike pieces that are made of inexpensive nickel, brass or other base metals, 925 silver jewelry doesn't contain metal additions that can cause an allergic reaction. It made from 92.5 percent fine silver and is a perfect hypoallergenic alternative. And the metal addition to 925 silver is usually copper, which isn't as likely to cause an allergic reaction. People who are allergic to metals such as nickel and or brass can wear sterling silver jewelry without much worry. This is especially important for accessories like earrings.

It Is Useful and Beautifully Packaged

Many people choose 925 Silver Jewelry for themselves and as gifts to others. Some even have jewelry collection. It often has a beautiful package. 925 Silver Jewelry work great for weddings, evening parties, and regular everyday use. It can be worn at the office, out on the town or even at home. What’s more, it can be worn with everything from the finest evening dresses to everyday t-shirts and blue jeans. Its versatility is due to its beautiful color and wide assortment of styles. Even though the designs might change, nothing will reduce the popularity of this flexible metal. 925 Silver Jewelry is just perfect for all times, as it never goes out of style. You can also find its persistent popularity from Google Trend. The following image shows its popularity during the past 10 years. While dropshipping 925 silver jewelry, you are entering an established market that caters to all kinds of fashion customers.

Its Shipping Price Is Cheap

925 Silver Jewelry is light and small. Even with the beautiful package, it still lights compared to other items. Thus, its shipping price is cheaper which means your cost will be lower if you dropship it. And you can ship many 925 Silver Jewelry with various styles at one time. In addition, it is affordable and is inexpensive compared to gold jewelry. If you buy some samples to see its quality and styles before dropshipping, it won’t cost you much.

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