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Coronavirus + Dropshipper: What Should I Do?

Create Date: 2020-02-03 06:48:59

Lockdown still continues in many Chinese cities as the 2019nCoV has not been totally taken under control. International trade including dropshipping business from China falls into a standstill.

 What should I do as a dropshipper become a major concern.

 What is the update now?

As of 09:17 am GMT on February 3, 2020, there are 17,386 confirmed cases of coronavirus which including 17,238 cases in China and 148 cases distributed in over 23 countries. The death toll is now at 362 while 361 death occurred in China and the other one happened in Philippine.

Chinese State Council announced on Jan. 26 to extend the Lunar New Year holiday to Feb. 2 to control the spread of the 2019nCoV.

Many developed province authorities such as Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong subsequently required that companies and factories should reopen not earlier than Feb. 9. Hubei government declared that enterprises should close until Feb. 13.

Those means that dropshipping business has to wait for factories and companies reopening, namely after Feb. 9.

What should I do as a dropshipper before factories reopen?

1. Temporarily suspend your ads

There is no doubt that you need to stop your ads temporarily because no suppliers can dispatch products to your customers unless your customers can accept delays. That is quite easy to suffer customers’ complaints and refunds. Temporary suspension for ads just leads to less earning money whereas complaints and bad reviews will ruin your business.

2. Prepare for the reopens

It is known and recommended that ads should be stopped, but more importantly, you should prepare for the reopens of Chinese factories in advance. It can be imagined that lots of buyers want to purchase products with money but it is impossible for suppliers and dropshipping companies to fulfill all buyers’ needs at the same level. There will be a contradiction between supplies and demands. Every buyer wants goods and expects quick order processing while production and processing limits exist.

There are two pieces of advice for your reference.

  • Product sourcing. Please take the time to do some product research. As you cannot have your order processed during the Coronavirus, please make some product analysis to get some trending products and make it sourced. CJ sourcing service is available since Jan. 31. Once this coronavirus is under control and factories and logistics companies back to work, you can get your ads on earlier and convert them into orders. Orders will be processed earlier as well.
  • Check product inventory. Please check with your suppliers or agents how many stocks they have. Chances always favor prepared minds. You can negotiate with your suppliers or agents whether they can process orders and ship them out once logistics service is available. If they have stocks in the warehouse or can supply your orders from factories and you already confirm this, it will save you a lot of time after dropshipping business reopens.

3. Keep in touch 

  Keep in touch with your suppliers or agents. No one can confirm when this coronavirus passes and when factories and logistics companies can return to normal operation. But according to the Chinese governments’ announcement, there is a great probability that many factories and logistics services can be available from Feb. 10. Therefore, staying in touch with your suppliers or agents is significant in terms of the reopening time, product inventories, first day of order processing.

I have unfulfilled orders now, what should I do?

   If your orders have been processed and shipped out before, please do not panic about those orders because the parcels will not risk you and your customers as we explained in the last article.

   If you have orders which haven’t been processed, please do not worry that we will process them at the quickest speed once the logistics service is available. If your customers want to cancel orders due to the coronavirus, please make clear explanation to your customers.