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Coronavirus VS Dropshipping/How to Do Dropshipping during COVID-19

Create Date: 2020-03-12 03:46:30

What is happening now worldwide?

Here is a website to check the real-time data of the COVID-19, it shows the exact confirmed cases in each country, the recovered and deaths, as well as the trend charts.

From the trend chart of actual cases, we can see the number of confirmed cases in mainland China flattens out while the number of other locations now is in a rapid growth period, which means the COVID-19 is already under control in China, but fiercely spreads in many other countries.

As the pandemic be controlled in China, the logistics capacity has been restored throughout China except for Wuhan city (where is the epicenter of COVID-19, and now is still under lockdown to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus), and about half the factories have been back to normal, the left factories are going to resume production in order in the coming 2 weeks.  

However, as COVID-19 raging all around the world, people’s lives are affected in different degrees, in some severe areas, restricted actions have been taken to control the spread of novel coronavirus- Italy has been put under a dramatic total lockdown, schools in some infected areas in the USA suspended classes for 2 weeks to prevent outbreaks of the epidemic in schools. Even in the area of seldom infected cases, residents are cutting back going out, stay at home to ensure safety.

How does the COVID-19 impact dropshipping?

Dropshipping business will not be affected a lot unless the virus keeps spreading and stop all goods transportation. Dropshipping is a model which makes full use of the Internet to find suppliers and get customers. It is a kind of e-commerce. The most comparable example of the coronavirus impact on e-commerce is SARS-2003 in China. Instead of a great hit on e-commerce, SARS-2003 accelerated the development of Chinese e-commerce.

E-commercial giants emerging amid SARS-2003

Look back through history, let’s see what happened to the e-commercial business in 2003 under the impact of SARS. The situation in 2003 was similar to what is happening currently - people were avoiding unnecessary going out, staying at home to prevent from being infected by SARS, this situation lasted for months, which led to a devastating blow to the off-line commodity economy. Under this situation, some e-commercial giants were emerging.

Being impacted by the epidemic, JD, now an online retail giant, was seeking online sales by looking for potential customers through QQ, which is an instant communication software like Skype and posting messages on online forums, JD made a great success. In the next year, JD cut out all its offline business and focused on online retail.

If you are engaged with dropshipping, there is no chance that you never heard of Aliexpress, which is a part of the Alibaba group. Alibaba also started its online retail business - Taobao, which is one of the most popular e-commercial sites, during SARS-2003, and witnessed tremendous growth of online retail business in the past 17 years.

What products you can dropship?

You may have heard that someone has made millions by merely selling anti-virus masks, it is true and is not the only case. Masks are in great demand and the price leaping as the coronavirus spreads around the world, for more information about masks, please watch this video.

Apart from masks, there are some other products with huge potential demand suitable for dropshipping:

Products with huge potential demand

  • Hand wash products: such as hand sanitizer gel, hand sanitizer spray, auto foam soap dispensers, because wash hands frequently is another effective way of fighting the novel coronavirus.
  • Portable electric articles disinfection machines
  • Air purifiers

Apart from these products needed for protected from being infected from the coronavirus, the demand of online shopping for many daily necessities will increase, because of replenishment delay in offline stores caused by the disruption to supply chains. 

And because people are staying at home, less offline shopping occurs, which means unprecedented demand for online shopping. People will spend more time shopping online, apparel, household cleaning products, and commodities will see an increase in sales online. It could be an unexpected moment for e-commercial entrepreneurs to scale up their business.

What dropshippers can do while virus-related ads get banned?

On March 6th(UTC+8), Facebook announced banning commerce listings and advertisements for medical face masks. This is a head-on blow to entrepreneurs who are planning to make fast money by marketing on anti-virus masks. And entrepreneurs from some severe epidemics areas encounter difficulties because of the lockdown.

What dropshippers can do under this unfavorable situation?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Looking for other ads campaigns, for example, set up an email marketing campaign to leverage your business of masks. Many other dropshippers may do the same thing, so it is very important to stand out by specific advertising copy and product video/images. Visit www.videos.cjdropshipping.com to make your customized video/images.
  2. Sell other hot products for COVID-19 that haven’t been banned by Facebook, or any other products needed by local customers. But before marketing, make sure there are inventories for sale. Not all the factories are back to normal, so check with your suppliers if they can fulfill your orders.
  3. If you are not able to sell products in your area because of the lockdown, change the target area you are going to market on. For example, if you are in Italy, you can run ads specifically for the US or any other areas where is no limitation in transportation. Because you are not handling the products in person, the suppliers can deliver your products to wherever you would like to sell to. But there is one thing you need to pay attention to - you may face communication difficulty when you choose an area where the people don’t say the same language as you. So it is better to be cautious when you select an area and make sure you know the market well.

Final words

Dropshipping is not just a business of playing a role between suppliers and consumers. During this special period, dropshippers can do their contribution to those who need daily goods. They can help consumers get what they want and need.