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Delivery Guarantee - Average of 7-Day Shipping for Sharp Objects Like Knives to the US

Create Date: 2019-04-10 09:10:27

Have you ever experienced customs delay and low delivery rate for your shipment involving sharp objects? These actually are frequent issues if your packages are shipped through HKPost, which is the most used shipping method by other companies. I believe this is really frustrating for you guys since it would incur not only customers' complaints but possible loss for your online store.

However, CJ Dropshipping can offer you a better solution - shipping through USPS, our special line to the US. From our past related shipment, we can facilitate a faster delivery around 7 days. Here are some tracking numbers I collected from our system records. (Shipping details can be viewed by clicking the image below.)

In the meantime, the shipping rate is also ensured. Apart from the delivery failure due to a wrong address, a 100% delivery rate is expected. Therefore, your customers are highly likely to be pleased.

Most importantly, the shipping cost is even lower than that of HKPost as you can see from the screenshot below. What else could you expect? Faster yet cheaper shipping with a high delivery rate. Besides, it could be more beneficial to you if the packages get heavier.

With all the advantages having been mentioned above, there's still one limit of our China-US direct shipping line. It's available only for shipment from China to America. So customers whose major market is in the US just give it a shot right now!