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Don’t Dropship Product with These Features

Create Date: 2020-02-06 11:53:58

This article will introduce some products you should avoid when you plan to start your dropshipping business.

Dropshipping is not easy, but it’s much easier if you choose the right products to sell. You may not get easy to sell wrong products which are not suitable for dropshipping, you may probably waste your money and time if you sell and advertise on products with the following features.

1. Large items

Shipping cost accounts for a large proportion of dropshipping costs, especially in international delivery. The shipping cost of some low-value products usually higher than the product value.

So first of all, I do not advise you to choose products that are too large or too heavy such as furniture. (bed, couch, cupboard and so on)

There are too many reasons why you should not sell large items. One is that the shipping cost is too high to be accepted, you are not able to compete with offline local sellers because of the high total cost; the other reason is, you will not be able to stand the loss when returns happen.

Take this cute sheep storage stool for example, this storage stool, at first sight, is cute and practical. But how about for dropshipping? Hardly workable. The shipping cost is too high to stand. The product price is $52, but check the shipping cost, the cheapest one is 167 dollar!

Instead, if you want to dropship storage products, the lighter and foldable one is a better choice, such as this cosmetic storage bag. It’s very practical, and the total cost is under 10 dollar, but you can sell at a price above 20 dollar.

2. Fragile items

Think twice before you start to sell something fragile. It’s easy to figure out. You may face high risk of item damage during processing and delivery. And the result is, you would spend lots of time dealing with complains and returns. Here are some examples: crystal wine glasses, china plates, thin board or paper decorations, computer screens.

3. High-value items

The third piece of advice is about product value. As a dropshipping starter, you’d better do not select items at a high price. The best way is to find a bargain that you can sell at a high price. If the cost is too high, for example, higher than 50 dollars, the margin could be limited. Besides, if you advertise for the product, the return period is long, because consumers will think twice before buying an expensive item.

4. Poor quality

There are two vital points drop shippers concerned about. The first one is sales, will the product sell well? And the second one is quality, or rather the effect of the product. If a product is not so good and amazing as it showed on the store or ads, you are likely to face tons of complains and returns. Though CJ will do quality checks for almost every product before delivery, the design defect of the product is beyond our ability. So you’d better go checking the reviews on Amazon or Aliexpress before putting the listings. And CJ will update the function of reviews in the coming future, you can see if the hot items really work in a very efficient way

5. Common items

Do not sell products that consumers can easily buy from neighborhood stores. We know that international shipping fee is high, and it may take a month to reach the customers. Few people would like to wait for a month to get daily items people can find anywhere. Remember just sell something special that people are not easy to find at offline stores.

6. Complicated items

If you are a dropshipping starter, do not try complicated products, or you will spend lots of time answering questions, responding to customer problems and dealing with returns. And a lot of items have no English manual attached, consumers don’t know how to use the products they get, they may leave a negative review or want a refund. Check this hanging tent, it seems very cool, consumers can set the tent at anywhere, in the forest, above a string. It seems to be a new winning product. But we received disputes for this product, cause it’s complicated to use.

7. Copyright items

The last but not the least advice is: do never sell copyright products, especially in the US. If Shopify detects you sell branded items, it will shut down your store. But what’s worse is you may face big fines for selling copyright products. Don't challenge the warning line.

What products do you think dropshippers should avoid? Leave a comment below!