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Five Hot Selling Camping Products in Summer As Well As Notes for Selection

Create Date: 2019-07-04 10:08:34

For many categories, summer is one of the best selling season. According to the previous data, there has been a significant increase in demand for many camping products in the second and third quarters of a year. There is a saying, “if you have not reach the peak of sales volume in summer, you will have less sales for the whole year”. Since the Northern Hemisphere is entering summer, a peak season for camping products comes! In this article, I am going to recommend some hot selling camping products in summer for all sellers as a reference.

1. Tent

Tunnel tents and dome tents are popular among customers. The Americans have a high demands for large tents with 3 - 4 person or more than 4 person, while the British and German have similar demands for tent with 1 - 2 or 3 - 4 persons.

Characteristics for a good tent:
*Easy and convenient to set up, spacious living space;
*The structure requires no additional support, can be easily moved;
*Suitable for users who want to extend shelter, avoid sunlight, harsh weather and mosquitoes.

Notes for selecting & sourcing:
*Sellers should pay special attention to characteristics of the tents, including materials, ventilation & waterproof performance, sun protect factor (SPF), as well as anti-wind capability, etc. And most of the products come with carrying bags for easy storing and convenient carrying. The sells should keep an eye on the latest POP-UP tents, there are also some designed tents for different environments and functions, such as pyramid tents and alpine tents. Please pay special attention to the trends of tents.
*Besides, sellers can focus on some peripheral products of tents, including camping nails, camping pillars, waterproof floor mats, tent storages, etc.

2. Inflatable beds

Inflatable beds are necessary products for many campers. They can be divided into one bed, double beds, electric bed, manual bed and built-in pump inflatable bed.

Characteristics for a good inflatable bed:
*Durable, with waterproof and non-slip surface;
*It can be inflated and deflated in s short time;
*Comfortable for users no matter in easeful and bad climates & weathers.

Notes for selecting & sourcing:
*Sellers can keep a watchful eye on the peripheral products of inflatable beds, including pump, inflatable pillow, moisture-proof pad, blanket, inflatable beds storage products and so on.

3. Sleeping bags

There are many options for sleeping bags, but the first priority is heat retention.

Notes for selecting & sourcing:
*Sleeping bags can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, artificial fiber, down feather, etc.
*The space design of the sleeping bag will affect the comfort of the users and indirectly affect heat retention.

4. Foldable table set

A foldable table set can be a real convenience especially for many campers.

Characteristics for a good foldable table set:
*Reinforced laminated cabinet with aluminum frame and steel table leg;
*Easy installation, easy storage and easy unfold;
*Attached with a handle, seat can be folded into the table, and the total table set can be placed into the car boot.

Notes for selecting & sourcing:
*Table set for four people are generally preferred, but table for more people are also in demand in America.
*Sellers can keep a watchful eye on the peripheral products of foldable table set, including portable lunch box.

5. Iced boxes

Iced boxes can roughly divide into to types, one is the hand refrigerator, and the other one is soft refrigerator. Generally, the capacity is 20 liter or above.

Characteristics for a good iced box:
*For soft refrigerator: usually make of light and miniature polyester cloth, some with adjustable belt can be folded and stored, convenient for indoor storage and outdoor travel.
*For hard refrigerators: generally made of tough foam polyurethane (TPU), with thick insulation and good leakproofness. The shell can also protect the inside goods from damage, which has a better function of keeping cold for a long time. Some brand of this products are equipped with wheels, which are convenient to use when traveling, and the general capacity is 20 liters or more.

Notes for selecting & sourcing:
*There are also some iced box with the latest artificial intelligence, which allows users to adjust the temperature, set the running time and other functions of the refrigerator on the mobile apps.
*Sellers can keep a watchful eye on the peripheral products of the iced boxes, like stainless steel ice cube, silicone ice cube container, below are the two websites