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How Does CJ Dropshipping Work and What is the Overview?

Create Date: 2019-04-26 05:57:15

CJ Dropshipping is a comprehensive website to help every drop shippers from start to success. Product sourcing, warehousing, order processing and shipping, literally everything involved. Now, please allow us to show you how all of these work at our website > app.cjdropshipping.com

Main parts of CJ's work:

1. Product Sourcing

2. Store Authorization

3. Product Listing/Connection

4. Automatic Order Import

5. Order Upload via Excel/CSV File & Place Orders Manually

To make all things more clear, we create a simple flowchart to cover the general steps. Here it is.

1. Product Sourcing

The very first question you may have is about your product. You can search it simply by the product name to see if your product exists at CJ. If not, please just post us a sourcing request.

For starting users, sourcing on "Individual Product" is more suitable, since "Store Existed Product" is for users with authorized stores. (Details about our sourcing service can be viewed here.)

When you have the product details and are satisfied with our offer, the next thing is orders. However, there are two different order processing methods depending on if you have authorized stores to CJ

If you are interested in our automatic order processing, then it's necessary for you to learn "Store Authorization" and "Product Listing/Connection". 

If not, you can simply skip to part 5 "Order Upload via Excel/CSV File & Place Orders Manually".

2. Store Authorization

There are eight types of stores available to be integrated into CJ. They are Shopify, eBayWooCommerce, Amazon, Lazada, Shopee stores. For each store type, we have made the general and detailed authorization steps available on the same page.

3. Product Listing/Connection

In order to identify the products from your store orders, we need to create a connection for your products and these at CJ. If the product doesn't exist in your store, our listing feature is a great help. Simply click the "List" button on CJ product page and set some details. The product will be added to your store and an automatic connection established.

If the product is already in your store, then a product connection is required. (Please refer to this video for detailed guidance.)

4. Automatic Order Import

When you finish store authorization and product connection, orders on these products from your store will be pulled into your CJ account automatically. Select the orders in Imported Orders > Process Required you want us to deal with and add them to cart. Confirm your selected orders and make a payment, then we will take care of everything afterward.

5. Order Upload via Excel/CSV File & Place Orders Manually

For users without any authorized stores, there're two ways to send us your orders: one is by uploading a spreadsheet. In this case, you have to add the products to SKU list, which is also can be achieved on the product page.

Then choose "Import Excel Orders" on Dropshipping Center> Imported Orders page and download the template to fill in your order details. When your orders are uploaded, you need to add them to the cart and pay for it.

The other way to send us your orders is to Create Orders Manually Please copy the SKU or product title of the product in CJ and go to Dropshipping Center > Imported Orders > Create Orders > Paste the SKU/ Product title of the product > Select variants and quantity> Add > Check out. And enter the information of the receiver. Then pay for the order.

We will process them immediately upon receipt. Tracking numbers and after-sale service are available for every order.

Hope you would enjoy our service!