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How the Coronavirus Affect Shipping from China?

Create Date: 2020-02-03 01:31:52

Coronavirus cannot have emerged at a worse time. During the Chinese New Year period, there will be an average of 450 million people moving around to different destinations. It must arise people’s concerns that the virus will spread with much quicker speed.

As of writing,  the death toll has reached over 300 people, and over 14 thousand have been confirmed with the virus in China. Across the world, it has been over 100 cases over 28 countries and regions. On Jan. 31th, the World Health Organization just declared the outbreak a 'public health emergency'. That must exert an effect on cross-border trade and tourism.

As one of the most important section of dropshipping out of sourcing, products and orders, we believe all the sellers will worry about the shipping from China issue. Based on the current information and your expectations, we will list some shipment issues that you may concern:

1. Will the packages before Chinese New Year have virus in them?

Generally, many packages were sent out from Yiwu, Shenzhen, which are the places that most suppliers based. We know that you or your customers will be scared when receiving the packages from China during that period. Before the Chinese New Year, the virus didn't spread so fast and it is mainly concentrated in Wuhan, a city in eastern China. So basically, it won't carry the virus in or on them. If you are anxious about it, the health experts state that you can do thorough disinfection to them.

2. If the warehouse worker or the dispatcher acquire a virus, then will the virus be spread by packages?

"The inhalation of droplets when some else coughs may be in the air," Kraft said. "A route that we don't often think about is really our environment can transfer it." Since the virus can transfer among people by the cough or infect by contact, then it will leave on the package if the staff have the symptoms of coronavirus. But after 7-10 days, even 7-20 days delivery, the virus will cause much lower risk of spreading. In addition, due to the outbreak, many countries will require to disinfect the packages at least twice before entering the destinations. CJ will also double check the products before sending them out.

3. I heard that some countries like the US have made travel restrictions, will that cause the delay?

It's likely yes. When some countries start to urge not to travel to China, they also cancel some flights to China. Due to the fears of overseas customers, plus the former Chinese holiday, the demands for items wouldn't scale up, which may cause the bland flight. Similarly, the customs of destinations must restrict the goods entrance conditions. These all will cause the delay of shipment.

4. Will items manufacturing be delayed?

Yes. Traditionally, factories in China will take an average of 4 weeks' holiday due to the Chinese New Year. The period will extend because of the rapid spreading of virus and travel restrictions, which must affect the production. If it gets worse, the manufactories will close for a longer period. The delay of manufacturing will also cause the delay of shipping and delivery time. It's reported that Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces have increased the holiday to February 3rd, even 10th.

5. If you have sufficient inventory, when can I receive the parcel if I place order now?

As we learned, many shipping or freight companies will not collect packages to send overseas before February 9th. We also have many orders not fulfilled before the holiday, and it will need a period to process. So even if we have inventory, the processing time and delivery time can't be guaranteed. If you have product inventories in our US warehouses and Thailand warehouse, your customer can get their parcels just like normal.

Despite the heavy effect of the coronavirus, China has taken a series of powerful measures to contain the spread. Though the WHO said it has become a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, China has the confidence to win the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

Most economic damage from a virus comes from fear. Therefore, it's essential to choose the suppliers you trust and have quality checks before shipment. We believe our determination to overcome the virus and speed up the return to normal through our efforts.