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How to Buy Products from CJ US Warehouses?

Create Date: 2020-05-22 09:32:58

Many of our CJ users have the problem, they want to buy products from CJ's US warehouse, but the products listed in the US warehouse can not be added to the cart. How to buy products from the US warehouse?

CJ is a dropshipping fulfillment platform, not a retail online shop, we put an "Add to Cart" button on the product page for the convenience of bulk buy, and only support bulk buy from our China warehouses, because only our China warehouses fulfill worldwide, US warehouse only fulfill within the US, and Thailand warehouse fulfills within Thailand, and now we have set a new warehouse in Germany, currently the Germany warehouse only fulfill within Germany, it will open to European region after the COVID-19 is under control.

How to buy the products from CJ US warehouse?

If you already authorized your store to CJ, just list the product to your store, once your customer place an order to your store, CJ will draw the order automatically.

Step1: Check your imported orders in the dropshipping center (you can find it on the My CJ page)

Step2: Select shipping from US warehouse

Step3: Select the shipping method

Step4: Add to cart

Step5: Confirm and pay

Then your order will be fulfilled and sent out from the US warehouse. 

But make sure there is inventory in the US warehouse, or you will fail to add the order to cart.

How to place manual orders?

If you don't have an online store, you can place manual orders on CJ, it's a new feature we set for those who have no online store, or the store is not able to be connected to CJ system.

Step1: Go to the dropshipping center through My CJ

Step2: Find the button Create Orders-click

Step3: Input the SKU number of the product you want to buy, make sure the quantity you buy not surpass the inventory, then check out.

Step4: Fill the shipping information (the order number is the number on your store, if there isn't one, just input a number you like, leave the shipping method alone, because you will re-select after this order is on the process required list), click to create order (neglect the shipping fee, cuz it will be re-calculated after you select a new shipping method)

Step5: Now order is on the process required list, select shipping from US warehouse

Step6: Select shipping method (now we only have USPS+ to deliver the orders from our US warehouse)

Step7: Add the order to the cart, confirm and pay.

Then your order will be fulfilled and sent out from the US warehouse.