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How to Generate an Invoice Containing Orders during a Certain Time?

Create Date: 2019-08-02 08:31:33

As is known, there is a feature on CJ system that the client can generate his or her invoice for each order. However, some clients want to generate an invoice for orders during a certain time such as orders in a week and a month. Therefore, in order to provide better service for CJ clients, the feature on CJ system is updated that the clients can generate an invoice containing orders during a certain time.

How to do it?

Please follow the steps.

1. On CJ dashboard, please click Wallet on the right top.

2. After clicking the Wallet, then click Billing History, the following page will appear. Following that, choose the beginning time and ending time when the orders will be included in the invoice. At last, click Generate and the invoice containing orders during a certain time will be generated.

If all the above done correctly, you will get an invoice containing orders during a certain period.