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How to Submit a Ticket to CJ Support Team?

Create Date: 2019-02-22 07:41:49

This is a message carrying important information to introduce the function of CJ ticket in CJ dropshipping.

When you are using CJ dropshipping to connect your business, you may encounter several doubts and questions on different aspects, then you have two ways to contact us. The first one is to click the ‘CHAT’ window at the left corner of the browser, therefore you can talk to your sales assistant. Another way is to submit a ticket to our CJ support.

1.The difference between CJ ticket and CHAT  

The different function between “CJ ticket” and “CHAT” is that the supervisor is different. If you click ‘CHAT’ window, then you can have a conversation with your personal agent. If you submit ‘ticket’ in our platform, then it will be sent to our CJ support.

2. How to issue CJ ticket?

After you signed in our platform, you should keep your account login. If you want to submit a ticket to our CJ support, you can follow the following steps:

(1) Find ‘in Support Center.

(2) Click ‘Submit Ticket’ button, it will be demonstrated as follows:

(3) Choose Different Ticket Types

(4) You can complete your info like subject, message, and attachment. Finally click the ‘Submit’ button, this ticket will be sent to CJ Management and feedback will be sent to you ASAP.

Wish this brief introduction will give you a vision on different function of CJ ticket and ‘CHAT’ on our platform, as well as a way to issue your CJ ticket to our management.