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How to Use CJ Fulfillment Service?

Create Date: 2019-07-30 08:26:48

Service product is a kind of CJ fulfillment service which allows you to ship your own products to our warehouse and we pack and ship for you. When you have some orders, you can directly place orders to our system and we will ship them from our warehouse. We only charge some service fees. How do these steps work in CJDropshipping?

Firstly you need to apply for service product, please follow the steps below.

1. Go to your CJ > Products > Service Products > Products > Apply Service Product

2. After click Apply Service Product, leave the message or send products URL to CJ and upload the product picture for review. CJ will review it whether to approve. You can also check it on Reviewing.

3. There are three status of your appliance. If it is passed, it will show on Mine. The other two are Reviewing and Rejected. If CJ doesn't approve the appliance, it will show on Rejected.

4. After it is passed by CJ, you need to Add Tracking Number. The tracking number is the one which needs to be provided by yourself because it's you who purchase the goods and let shipping company ship them to CJ warehouses. The tracking number is usually from the shipping company.

5. On the page of Add Tracking Number, the warehouse must be filled correctly or the products cannot arrive at the warehouse successfully. If you don't have the tracking number temporarily, you can fill in it no later than the date your products arrive at the warehouse.

And for the Labeling fee and Quality inspection fee, you can choose to Accept or Deny. The labeling fee is a kind of service fee that we label the products for you. The quality inspection fee is a kind of service fee that we make the products quality inspection for you and charge. If you don't need us to do the quality inspection for you and the products are damaged when they are warehoused, we are not responsible for the damaged products. You have to be responsible for them.

6. After you fill all the information, a batch number will be automatically generated. You need to print out it and paste it on the packets which are convenient for the warehouses to differentiate the service products and stock in.

7. There are four status of your shipment, Awaiting Delivery, Delivered, Completed, Rejected. On the Rejected, when few products are damaged, if acceptable, you can communicate with CJ or choose to Agree to Sign for manually by yourselves to stock in.

Till now, the procedure of how to use fulfilled service has completed. Then, if you have a store connected with CJ, the steps of how to place an order are the same as that of dropshipping orders and the related fees will be deducted from your placed orders. If you don't have a store connected with CJ, you can import orders through Excel or CSV.

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