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How to Use CJ Google Chrome Extension for 1688, Taobao Drop Shipping

Create Date: 2018-11-06 09:54:57

Dropshipping out of Aliexpress is your smart action! You may plan to switch to 1688 and Taobao because they are much cheaper.

The point is both 1688 and Taobao are Chinese site, they do not sell out of China nor drop shipping out of China!

How can you get through this situation???

_____USING CJ Chrome Extension_____

1. Installation

There are two ways to install CJDropshipping Extension in Google Chrome:

a) Install the extension from Google Web Store.

b) Visit our website: https://app.cjdropshipping.com/ Click ‘Go To 1688’ / ‘Go To Taobao’/ ‘Go To Aliexpress’

Then you will see a popup window,  just proceed to install the extension as it requires.

After the installation, you will see an icon of this extension in the upper right corner of Chrome. Then please refresh the web-page to start it.

2. Log in/Registration

Log in with your personal CJ account. If you don’t have one, please click ‘Register’ to set up a new account.

To enable the extension, you also need to sign in to the extension additionally by clicking its icon and then entering your CJ account info.

After signing in, you will see your sourcing history, the status of your order, and change the currency in your favor when shopping.

3. Request Posting

Click ‘Go To 1688’ / ‘Go To Taobao’/ ‘Go To Aliexpress’ to search the products

After finding an attractive item in 1688/Taobao/Aliexpress, you can click the icon in the bottom right corner of this item to send us your sourcing request. We will come back to you with its detail information at the earliest convenience. (P.S. Customers can only send 5 sourcing requests per day. Please be careful with your request.)

For purchasing, please click the image of the item to visit its detail page and choose the type and quantity you want. After we determine its weight and possible transportation fee, you can proceed to its payment on our website later.

4. Status Checking

After posting your sourcing/purchasing request, you can either click  'MyCJ' or the extension icon to view its status.

4.1 Sourcing Results Checking

Visit 'My CJ' and click 'Sourcing', a list of your sourcing requests with their status will be presented. For successful sourcing, you can click 'View Details' and then 'View Product Detail' to see its thorough information.

Below is a picture of the webpage after clicking 'View Product Detail'. Everything you want to know about the product is here.

4.2 Purchasing Status Checking

In My CJ, you can click 'Purchase List' to view the status of your purchased items and move on to the next step. Besides, you can click 'View Details' to learn more about it.

Below is a webpage after clicking 'View Details'.

Hope this post will help you to use our extension.

And please feel free to leave a comment if you still have any questions.

-----------------------------------Updated on November 22, 2018--------------------------------

Hello! We are glad to inform you that CJ Chrome Extension has been updated to support the new features. Further updates are expected in the future. The updates usually would be completed automatically in your browser. However, in case it does not happen, here is how to update it manually.
Step 1
Click the extension icon > Manage Extensions

Step 2
Turn on ‘Developer mode’ > Click ‘Update’
When the update is finished, ‘Extensions updated’ will pop up in the bottom left corner of the window.