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How to Use CJ Supplier System?

Create Date: 2019-11-20 09:18:36

A piece of good news for you! We have launched a new supplier system in CJ APP which only charges shipping fees and commission. When you have products with a stable supply channel and want to have long-term cooperation with us, you can ship them to the CJ's warehouse. CJ will help you to sell the inventory with hundreds of thousand retailers around the world. CJ can help you sell the products worldwide.

How do these steps work in CJDropshipping?

Chapter 1 - Register/Log in to the Supplier Platform

1.1 Click the "registe" button after opening the web page.

Please fill in the user name, country, email, and password. Check the Supplier Agreement and click "Next" (required fields with *).

1.2 After entering the information page, select the account type as an enterprise or individual.

1.3 Fill in the company name, legal entity and legal entity phone number.

1.4 Then upload the photo of the legal person ID and business license. Click the "Submit" button.

After clicking the "submit audit" button, the system will show that the audit has been submitted successfully. The audit result will be sent to the mailbox filled by the user. Please check the email in time.

Chapter 2 - Product

2.1 Please select a catagory for the product.

2.2 Add product details.

In the upper right corner, add product variant information such as color, size, etc.

Click the "+" button in the lower-left corner to add variants (add a variable attribute in the batch editor before this step).

Click "volume set" batch to set product attributes, such as weight, price, length, width, etc. You could select one or more variants in this step.

After the above information is submitted, the product status will become pending approval, and will only be published after passing the approval.

Click "submit": The product is under review. You could leave us a message if you have any special requests.

2.3 Product List

After the product is submitted, the status is "reviewing", you can view the status of submitted products here.

Chapter 3 - Logistics

There are 3 status of shipping payment:

To be paid: waiting for payment with the package

Reviewing: we check on system

The approved: we received for your payment and your package

3.1 Select the corresponding warehouse and Click the "shipping request" button.

And click the "add a package" you also could choose the warehouse which you want choice

3.2 To complete the package information, click "add a package" to select the products uploaded to the list before. You can view your product here and add the quantity with your product and then click "next".

After you update, just type your tracking number inside before we received that package.

3.3 When you upload, choose “request package management”. You can choose "Batch download" to get a PDF document and stick on the products and then send them to our warehouse.

Click "add tracking number" to upload the tracking number for shipment to our warehouse and get the tracking information.

Here you can check the tracking information on this place.

There are two kinds of status of your packages: Awaiting signing and Received.

Awaiting signing: we are still waiting for the arrival of packages on the way.

Received: we have already received the package.

Chapter 4 - Inventory

4.1 Click Inventory>Record to check the product inventory record with product SKU.

And you can search the inventory status and remaining inventory by SKU.

You also can set the "warning value" with the inventory. If the value was lower, it will send the warning message to you, which requires to send more products to our warehouse.

Chapter 5 - Financial

The withdrawl of subsidiary: the withdrawal amount records.

Deductions detail: the deduction records of your account.

The freeze subsidiary: the frozen amount record of your account.

The refund detail: the refund records to customers.

Order settlement detail: the amount records of completed orders.

Billing record: all billing history in CJ Dropshipping.

You can see the total amount, the total amount of commission, total amount of actual income.

Chapter 6 - Customer Service

6.1 Click to chat with customer service staff online and you could set quick replies for an efficient chat.

This is the place where you can add the "quick reply" you can add the sentence which is easy to reply.

Chapter 7 - Choose Template

Suppliers can set their own logo and banner here easily.

Choose a PC or a mobile template, and then select the store connected with CJ. 

Upload store logo and store banner to set your personalized store.

That’s all about the common issues of CJ Supplier System. If you have any other questions when you operate the system, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you and to help your overseas business more prosperous. We will keep updating our system to meet your future needs.