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How to Use CJ’s Print on Demand Feature to Grow Your Dropshipping Business – Design by Buyers

Create Date: 2018-12-19 08:24:03

We’ve introduced how merchants design products from our marketplace in the previous article. But what if the customers want to design a little bit? Now, let’s explore the second part of our print on demand (POD) feature – design by buyers.

To begin with, you need to check if you have enabled POD feature in your store. Go to authorization page in 'My CJ' and if you can still see the 'Add POD Feature' button beside your store, please click it to turn on.

Actually, most parts of the procedures are similar to that of merchants’ design. The products for print on demand can be found in the same place – ‘Print on Demand’ area on our website. However, since the products will be designed by buyers, you can just list any products to your stores directly as usual.

In the list page, you need to choose your store, product category, shipping method, and destination country. And set the product price as well. After that, you can move on to ‘List it now’. (P.S. Design by buyers of POD feature is supported with Shopify stores only. More store types will be added in the near future. Your patience is appreciated.)

When the product is listed, you can see it in your ‘My CJ’ > ‘Print on Demand’ > ‘Buyers Design’ list.

And below is an example page your customers will see about the personalized products.

Once your customers place orders and these orders are imported to CJ, then you can check it in 'DropShipping Center'. It's the same as orders on normal products.

Hope you would like this feature. And please be free to show us your thoughts on comments below.