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How to Write a Compelling Product Description for Your Dropshipping Store

Create Date: 2020-05-14 03:21:16

A lot of dropshippers are struggling with product sourcing and bringing traffic to their stores. They spend a tremendous amount of time and money on advertising and promotions. But they completely disregard the power of product descriptions. A lot of dropshipping stores copy & paste the features of the products from their suppliers. As a matter of fact, the product description is actually the trigger that gets people to buy.

Let’s say, between two stores selling the same product, but with different descriptions and prices, which one would you choose?

It turns out people tend to pick the one with a better quality description over the one only with specifications, even though the price might be a bit higher.

How to write a compelling product description?
First, you need to know who your audience members are.

What kind of benefits are they looking for?

In today’s consumerism, people are buying more than just a product.

They are buying an emotion, or a lifestyle. They are buying the benefits of your products.

When it comes to dropshipping, people are actually buying the way you are marketing, and the lifestyle you are selling.

You have to remember that when people read your descriptions, they’re always asking a common question, “What’s in it for me?”

Provided that you are selling ugly Christmas sweaters on your online store, you can’t just copy-paste the specifications. Do you actually expect people to click on your webpage, go through this whole boring descriptions, and then boom, just like that, magically hit the “buy now” button?

People don’t buy the ugly Christmas sweater because they are desperately in need of a warm sweater. They need it for fun, they wanna be on-trend, feel festive. People need to feel a little bit “silly” in their life. So they will more likely appreciate an entertaining product description.

So you gotta make that pop out in your product descriptions, inject humor in it.

You need to know how to talk to your audience members by speaking their language, so that you can create an emotional connection with them.

Engaging your audience in a conversation is a good way to start. You could try to type in as you are speaking one-on-one with your audience members. Or use your product description to tell a story. The key is to make them feel related to your product.

Tip 2: Use specific keywords

You need to include specific keywords (known as long-tail keywords) in your product descriptions or you might not stand a chance due to the massive competition for broad keywords. Specific keywords may have lower search volumes but they are easier to rank for.

For example, it is better to use a keyword as specific as “Ugly Christmas Cats Print Sweater” instead of “ugly Christmas sweater” or “ best ugly Christmas sweater”.  In this way, you will have a better chance of ranking and be visible in Google search results.

But don’t just scramble all these keywords to come up with your product descriptions, those are probably not going to sell.

Tip 3: Use bullet points to highlight benefits

Your product description should be easy to read. No more massive block of text or long boring paragraphs that your customer will feel irritating reading. 

People have short attention spans and they will only skim their related content. So try to avoid long paragraphs and make your descriptions scannable.

Tip 4: Use product videos

Compared with a long paragraph, a product video is a much easier way for customers to digest while conveying sufficient information about your products in a more vivid way at the same time.

Quality videos can create a good presence for your product. But you need to make sure the videos are being professionally done. Otherwise, it’s just gonna be counterproductive.

CJ dropshipping provides such a specific video shooting service to dropshippers. If interested and want more detailed information, visit videos.cjdropshipping.com

Tip 5: Don’t forget to add the CTA-call to action phrase.

Call to action is all about converting.

At the end of the day, you are selling products and you definitely want your customers to make a purchase.

You see the “subscribe” button on any YouTube channel. And that’s CTA. “Click here” where you can see at many webpages is also a typical CTA.

The best CTA phrases are clear but specific and create an urgency that drives the user to action. Try to simply tell them “buy now while the product is still in stock”.

Writing a good product description is not that easy. It takes time and patience. And you have to change your mindset regarding product descriptions and how they work. But you can get good at this.