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The Development of International ePacket and Its Charging Standard

Create Date: 2017-04-20 03:46:03

Aliexpress has already been applied the new logistics delivery policy since 1th, July, 2016. This policy ruled definitely that, except special item commodities, the sellers have no rights to use the Offline economic class logistics (that’s means have no tracking information) . The updated logistics delivery policy comes into effect according to different countries and different logistics standards.

Orders for exported to the United States, if the payment amount is more than or equal to $5, the Aliexpress will allow sellers to use ePacket (the standard logistics service) . What’s more, other standard logistics services and economic logistics services will not be allowed to (except for special categories of goods) .

So, the international ePacket is an very important way for logistics service. It is a new economical international postal products, which is in order to adapt to the needs of international e-commerce deliver market for Chinese e-sellers. It is for light small items of airmail parcel service products, as same as the Hong Kong international small parcel service. At present, the business is limited to provide Chinese e-sellers sent to the United States, Canada, Britain, France and Australia package Posting and delivering service.

The international ePacket can meet the demand of customer management of freight information, so that customers in the use of the operation of the international ePacket more convenient, especially developed embedded port dock with the international ePacket business system. Customers can get information data automatically by the Courier provides docking port, download and print the recipient of the sender’s address and  customers declaration. After the parcel on the internet, it will connect with the express databases system, and provide the parcel tracking information.

The international ePacket normally complete all process by 7 to 10 days. It use EMS network in domestic delivery. After exports to the United States, the United States postal service will be sent by the domestic kind of correspondence network (First Class) mail delivery. It will protect your delivery parcel arrived at the destination quickly and accurately via international advanced EMI electronic declaration system.

And the Track Service is also very convenient . You can track all information in China Post and the United States postal service (USPS) . And eBay buyers can also track via ‘my eBay’. Considering the delay of exchanging information between China and the United states, China post EMS website collected and leave the port information earlier than US service website. After reaching the US, the US postal service website shows processing center information earlier than China.

And here is the charge standard of international ePacket:

ToCharge standardNoteToCharge StandardSales Promotion     Note
Handling Charges


Weight Charges


Handling Charges


Weight Charges


Handling Charges


Weight Charges


Canada(not ebay)2.880.0098NoHong Kong2.580.00532.580.0045(guangdong0.003)No
Norway(not ebay)Korea3.330.00683.330.0061
Australia(ebay/not ebay)2.880.0091Malaysia3.330.00763.330.0068
France(not ebay)Singapore3.330.00763.330.0068
Germany(not ebay)Turkey3.330.00983.330.0091
Britain(ebay/not ebay)2.580.0098Austria3.330.00983.330.0091
Israel(not ebay)sales promotion2.580.0091Belgium3.330.00983.330.0091
Saudi Arabia(not ebay)3.940.0076The Swiss3.330.00983.330.0091
Ukraine(not ebay)1.210.0152Begin 50g, less than 50g, accor-ding to 50gThe Danish3.330.00983.330.0091
RussiaNot ebay1.520.0152Hungary3.330.00983.330.0091

promation (ebay+not ebay)

AmaricaNot ebay1.360.0121(1-200g)Netherlands3.330.00983.330.0091
1.360.0114(201-2000g)New Zealand1.360.01141.360.0106Begin 50g,less than 50g,accor-ding to 50g


Limited weight: 2 kilogram

Reference time limit:

Mexico: 20 working days;

Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Russia: 7 to 15 working days;

other: 7 to 10 days.

Single largest size: Length, width and thickness of no more than 90 cm, the longest side of less than 60 cm. Two times the diameter of the round coil mail and length not exceeding 104 cm, length shall not exceed 90 cm.

Single minimum size: not less than 14 cm in length, width of not less than 11 cm. Two times the diameter of the round coil mail and length not less than 17 cm, length shall not less than 11 cm.

Inquire: Providing the Posting, exporting dispatching, import receive real-time tracking information. To sign for the information is not available, only provide delivery confirmation. Customers can arrive in the mail or make a phone call from EMS website, the postal service website , eBay check email to check information.

Compensation: Temporarily does not provide the loss of mail, delay, damage compensation and other additional services. For non-delivery or recipient rejected email, provide centralized return service (Germany ePacket temporarily does not provide return service).

Thank you for your time and attention. Have a good day.