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Top 3 shipping methods for dropshipping from China in 2018 – CJ Packet, Epacket, USPS+

Create Date: 2018-11-09 20:14:14

We’ve seen sales picking up at CJDropshipping these last few weeks almost as sharply as the temperature is dropping here in Southern California.  Since we rolled out CJ Packet a month ago, we’ve gotten questions flooding in about CJ Packet. People have been asking us what is CJ Packet and how does it compare to Epacket and USPS+?  We want to share some real stats from our warehouse in China so you can form your own opinion.  Read on to find out the pros and cons of each method.

CJ Packet is a special shipping line formed by CJdropshipping.

Price: Cost less than epacket

Delivery time: 5-10 days

Delivery rate at 5-10 days is: 95% - 97%

Country available: https://app.cjdropshipping.com/calculation.html

The rate of undelivered packages: 0.38%

Pros of CJPacket - faster and more reliable in comparison to Epacket

Available Countries Until March. 2020, and Adding More Countries.

AT Austria
AU Australia
BE Belgium
BR Brazil
CA Canada
DE Germany
ES Spain
FI Finland
FR France
GB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
IN India
IT Italy
MX Mexico
NL Netherlands (the)
SE Sweden
TH Thailand
US United States of America (the)
VN Viet Nam

Epacket is currently the most popular choice among dropshippers:

Price: It was cheap, until US went on a trade war with China, epacket prices across the board is rising on 11/9... oh wait... that's today!  <--try "YanWen" shipping method for popular european countries

Delivery time: 7-20 days

Delivery rate at 15 – 16 days is 78% - 81%

Countries available: 38 countries *

Rate of undelivered packages: 1.37%

Pros of ePacket - available in many countries**, cheap

Cons of ePacket - slow delivery time, especially in holiday season which can go up to 40 days - 2 months.

USPS+ is the method CJ uses to send out US packages for customers who choose to store inventory in our US warehouse.

Price: $2.00 - $2.50 more per order (this includes the bulk shipment fee from China to US)

Delivery time: 2-5 days

Delivery rate: 2-5 days is 99%

Countries available: USA

Rate of undelivered packages: 0.01%

If you decide to store your inventory in our US warehouses, we process your order the next day via USPS, and as you can see, at the 5th Day, we are looking at 99.9% delivery rate.

Pros: FAST, really really fast!

Cons: only available in USA & adhere to our US warehouse terms*

* 2 ways to use the US Warehouse:

- Store your inventory (min $2,000 in value per SKU) by putting 30% down as a deposit.  We will arrange for a bulk shipment to ship your inventory to our US warehouse.  When the inventory information is uploaded to your CJ platform, you can start placing orders which will be delivery in 2-5 days by USPS+.  The 30% deposit will be 100% returned back to you when your inventory depletes to $0.  The only reason why we charge this is because we want to make sure you are serious about selling the product and not just staging it in our warehouse to collect spider webs for Halloween...

- You can choose to put 100% down on the inventory and the inventory value per SKU can be decreased to $1,000.  If you choose this route, ask your CJ agent to see if they can give you some discounts on shipping.  Same arrangement for the bulk shipments to come to our US warehouse, and we will process your orders next day in the US and have it delivered to your customers' hands in 2-5 days.

NOTE: we don't charge any warehouse fee, storage fee, or whatever fee, the only price we charge is the deposit (which will be returned back to you when the inventory depletes to $0), the price of the product + USPS+ shipping fee.

** Epacket countries:

1 US United States
2 AU Australia
3 DE Germany
4 GB The United Kingdom or Great Britain
5 CA Canada
6 FR France
7 RU Russia
8 UA Ukraine
9 IL Israel
10 NO Norway
11 SA Saudi Arabia
12 NZ New Zealand
13 KR Korea
14 MY Malaysia
15 AT Austria
16 BE Belgium
17 NL Netherland
18 CH Switzerland
18 GR Greece
19 DK Denmark
21 HU Hungary
22 IT Italy
23 LU Luxembourg
24 PL Poland
25 TR Turkey
26 FI Finland
27 IE Ireland
28 PT Portugal
29 BR Brazil
30 SG Singapore
31 MX Mexico
31 MX Mexico
32 ES Spain
33 JP Japan
34 HK Hong Kong
35 TH Thailand
36 SE Sweden
37 VN Vietnam
38 KZ Kazakhstan

By the way, personally I never recommend targeting "worldwide" in your campaigns, I would only recommend targeting epacket countries (see below for the list of epacket countries); countries unreachable by ePacket is at risk of no tracking / delivery updates and exceptionally longgggg delivery time, i.e. 40 days -2 months+.

Hope this article helps you in deciding which shipping methods to you. Please give me a thumbs up if you want to see more articles like this, it takes a lot of finger muscles to put together the article :P.