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Top 5 Trending Dropshipping Niches from High-Frequency Search Keywords

Create Date: 2020-02-08 04:51:40

Searching keywords is an important indicator of what’s on trending. In this article, I’m going to share the statistics of the searching keywords on CJ APP of the past one and a half months, as well as 5 trending niches with great potential in 2020 according to the data.  

Though your orders are not able to be fulfilled from China due to the unexpected outbreak of coronavirus and prolong of Lunar New year holiday, it is never too early to make sufficient preparation for the reopening of dropshipping business, by which, you are likely to make money earlier than others. Let’s get right into the point.

Here’s the table of the top 50 search keywords of the past one month and a half from CJ App.

The ranking is in descending order, we can see the top 5 words are dog, watch, baby, pet and rose, and these 50 words are typically containing almost all the hot niches for dropshipping, many enjoyed crazy sales in the past year, and are expected to continue the excellent performance in 2020.

But this table is a primary data, we can see that many words are of the same niche, and some are even words different in Singular and plural, such as pet, pets; watch, watches. So I did a data processing, mark the same niche with the same color, and sum up the total searches of each niche, and found out the top niches are:

1Pet products2106
2Digital products 1581
3Valentines products1100
5Massage products873

pet products, digital products, valentines products, fitness & posture, massage products, and watches. Because it is the preparation season for Valentine’s day, so the keywords as rose, Valentine, and rose bear are of a high-frequency search, but they are some kinds of seasonal products, and Valentine’s Day is on a week’s later, time is too limited for preparation, so I will remove this niche from the list, and the left 5 niches are what I would like to recommend for dropshipping 2020.

1. Pet Products

From the table, we can see that the number of searches of pet products is far ahead of other niches. The keywords are dog, pet, cat, dog bed, pet bed, and pets, and the matching results of the first three are all more than 1,000, which means sub-niches and types of pet products are various, you can easily stuff your store with hundreds of items, and update new arrivals frequently, which is good for customer retention.

If you have watched our recommended videos on YouTube, you can find those pet products are always on the recommended list, that is because pet products are no doubt an “evergreen” niche for dropshipping, this pet bed and this bowl have been the top 50 best sellers on CJ App for several months. If you are going to set up a brand, pet product is a recommendable niche. More families are going to keep pets, and people are generous paying for their pet companions, pet products are going to be sustainable.

2. Digital products

This niche has wide sub-niches, the keywords are smart watch, AirPods, drone, power bank, xiaomi and camera. Smart watch and drone are two super hot products, new designs emerging frequently. The second keyword is AirPods, but actually, we don’t supply AirPods because it’s a branded product, but we provide numerous different designs of AirPods cases, I suppose our users are looking for these, countless options, light and small for delivery, and the total amount is around $5, ideal choice for dropshipping.

3. Fitness & posture

The keywords in this niche are fitness, leggings, yoga and posture. To be honest, leggings are not a real good performer as is it is deemed, the market is saturated, you can hardly make a break in this sub-niche. What trending are portable fitness equipment, sweat wears, and if you pay attention to Facebook Ads or YouTube recommended videos, you would probably find that posture gadgets are newly emerging hot cakes, the before and after use effect can’t be more suitable for advertising on Facebook and YouTube videos.

4. Massage products

We witness an explosive increase of massage products in 2019, the most popular ones are tiny portable massage devices you can attach to your neck or waist to release tension. And there is one sub-niche you can’t bypass, it is the massage gun. It is beyond my expectation that these products appeared years ago, but suddenly became popular in 2019, you can see the ads anywhere, and even one of my friends got one as a bonus in his company annual dinner. The popularity of the massage guns shows no sign of slowing down, still a perfect niche for 2020.

5. Watches

I was wondering why so many searches of watches, I do not wear a watch because I check the time with my iPhone, so I thought I do not need a watch, until... I saw so many gorgeous watches. They work more like ornaments than tools for checking time. But please note that low price watches are saturated as low-end apparels, you are suggested to focus on medium grade watches, and try to set up your own brand. It is all about branding and marketing, which is the way leading to sustainable business.