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Why Use US Warehouse during Chinese Spring Festival?

Create Date: 2019-01-09 06:20:43

Chinese New Year is coming! A piece of good news for our Chinese workers! Everyone could come back home, reunite with families and relax after one-year hard work.

But it's a very good one for our foreign clients because the factories stop working nearly a month, CJ agents are off work for a week and orders may not be shipped out as soon as possible. All these problems are common. So what shall we do to solve it or to offer more convenience to CJ clients?

To use US warehouse!

CJ workers in the US still work for you during the Chinese Spring festival.

As you know, CJ dropshipping has warehouses in the US, which will be the best choice for US clients during the Chinese Spring Festival. You may confuse why do I use US warehouse? The reasons are as follows:

1. Short Delivery Time for Customers  

Shipping from China to US customers, it takes more than 10days, which including the clearance time, shipping time from China to US and delivery time to customers and sometimes it may take longer in holiday season.

However, if you purchase inventory and stock in US warehouse, the delivery can be done in 2-5days, once the bulk shipment arriving US warehouse.

Simply to say:

buy a bulk of products stocked in US warehouse > orders processing > delivery to customers directly from US warehouse

For your first batch of order, it takes about 7days shipping from China to thr US (plus delivery time to the customer, if you need parts of the goods delivered to customer). And then the bulk of products will be stocked in US warehouse, for the later orders, we just deliver these products from US warehouse directly to customers and it only takes 2-5days.

How wonderful it is for your customers!

2. Less lost packages and delay shipment which cause dispute   

After shipping out the products, we cannot control what will happen on the way, although tracking number helps us track the shipping information. People make mistakes, so sometimes losing packages and delay shipment is unavoidable. It will be so nice if your customer understands it, but it can be a disaster if your customer loses confidence for you. So how to reduce the accidents?

1)More reliable shipping methods to choose 

CJ work with different kinds of shipping companies and try to give you more reliable shipping methods

2)Use US warehouse

Stock your inventory in US warehouse so as to shorten the delivery distance. Shorter distance, less accidents.

3. Many customers don't like shipping from China.  

Sometimes you may meet customers that don't like ship from China, and then US warehouse will be a good choice.

4. The orders can still be processed in US warehouse during Chinese Spring Festival.  

During the Chinese Spring Festival, CJ Chinese workers are off work at least for 7days, during which the orders processing will be postponed in the Chinese warehouse. If you think time is okay, there's no problem for both clients and CJ.

But if you have steady orders per day and need quick processing, it would be better to use US warehouse. Orders can be processed in there during Chinese Spring Festival.

So this is a suggestion for clients who have large and steady orders per day: buy the bulk of products and stock it in US warehouse, so that your business won't be influenced by the festival.

US warehouse is very convenient for US clients but due to the high cost of labor and other factors, not all clients are able to use the US warehouse.


Who is qualified for using US warehouse?

1. VIP clients of CJ
2. The product for one SKU is no less than 1000pcs or the product amount is no less than 5000USD
3. Pay in full for the goods
4. The goods is not bulky cargo.